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About Us


We are a group of people passionate about bringing more nature into your life

Hiking in the countryside of Australia with just a backpack, we have seen the beautiful villages, amazing galaxy, and the crystal clear lake water. These are the things we can’t help sharing with you all.

Our Company

Who we are

A group of nature enthusiasts, a team of engineers with expertise in thermoform moulding technology and a group of elite designers with a sense of avant-garde designing, naturally, come together.

Why we do

We believe beautiful surroundings create beautiful thoughts and SKYTENT was born. Bringing back man-made beauty to the nature is the mission of SKYTENT, inspired by enjoying the natural beauty in nature.

What we offer

We spare no efforts to concentrate on continuous product designing and meticulous technology innovation and grinds. Ardoolna, Bikini canoe, Daylight shades, Transparent hammock chair and Pet house came to public one after another.