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Host a Skytent

Set up accommodations on your land?

Skytent is operating outdoor sites , offering unforgettable natural experience in some of the most breathtaking sites in Australia. If you are a landowner, and want to host your guests with a unique experience, Skytent can help you to set up our products. Don’t hesitate to join us!

Service Network

Skytent plans to initially expand its locations to offer customers an outdoor experience across regional and coastal areas in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

Skytent Inclusions

Skytent experience are based around a connection to nature whist still enjoying the comfort of a solid structure, a bed and in some cases a lounge/living room area with couch.

Unique Experiences

Skytent is building a range of unique experiences for guests. Experience vary by the services on the landowners site, including variation depending on availability of power, water, air conditioning, heating etc.

Landowner Arrangements

Skytent offers to the landowner a placement fee for locating the Skytent on their premises and then a % of any booking that are made on that site. Skytent will manage bookings and payments and make all arrangements with guests.


Skytent will employ local labor to manage the changeover between guests in the dome. Skytent works with the landowner to ensure the right labor is engaged from the local area.

Booking & Insurance

Skytent will manage booking for clients, and provide insurance cover for people booking an experience.

We are Here

Address: Unit 3, 107 Elm Park Drive Hoppers Crossing

VIC 3029, Australia

TEL: (+61) 0412 938 118

Email: customerservice@skytentoz.com